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Welcome to Illume Stories!


Curated by a unique team of trend spotters at insight agency Join the Dots. We’re fortunate to have a window into the lives of thousands of consumers from across the world via our ongoing research communities, meaning we’re able to spot trends which emerge as needs in people’s lives.

In combination with the universal framework we’ve developed based on positive psychology, and our network of Illume Guides, we’re able to get beyond macro trends and global perspectives to connect trend indicators at a human, actionable level.

We call it trend spotting from the consumers’ world.

Here on Illume Stories we share and compare some of those trends as we see them emerging across markets. Providing a local perspective on global trends.

We hope you enjoy it!


For more information or to get in touch with the team, email us at cultureandtrends@jointhedotsmr.com 

About the authors

Alice Mathews

Culture & Trends Editor

Andrea Ng

Culture & Trends Consultant

Caroline Brierley

Culture & Trends Consultant

Kate Skivington

Culture & Trends Strategist

Kelly McKnight

Head of Culture & Trends

Kimberley Howard

Culture & Trends Consultant

Lily Charnock

Senior Culture & Trends Consultant

Maria Fuertes-Carrasco

Culture & Trends Consultant

Peter Latham

Culture & Trends Consultant

Rosie Booth

Culture & Trends Consultant

Tim Burge

Culture & Trends Director